Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frequently ask questions ( Faq)

  • What is a Photo Cake or Edible Photo? We print edible cake-top decorations made from a sheet of icing with your image printed using edible ink. The icing sheets (also called frosting sheets) are made from real icing. They are not edible paper or rice paper, but a layer of real icing on a backing sheet. Your image is printed using special edible ink in a special dedicated printer.
  • Do you print on rice paper? Our edible photo cake decorations are printed on real icing, which is far superior to printing on rice paper (wafer paper).
  • Are your products suitable for vegetarians? Our edible photo decorations are suitable for vegetarians and contain no wheat, gluten, dairy products, eggs or nuts. Our cakes are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans.
  • How do I send you my picture and what format can it be? You can send us your picture or photo using our upload facility, or attached to an email. Black & White photos work just as well as colour. Any image you send that could be printed on paper can be printed on icing as a cake decoration.
  • Can I use your decorations on my own cake? You can make your own photocake and decorate it with an Edible Photo, available by mail order. Full instructions will be enclosed. You can bake your own cake and ice it, buy one already iced from or shop, such as a bakery, supermarket. Simply peel your image from the backing sheet and place it on your cake. You can have any kind of cake in any size - fruit, sponge, chocolate, or your favourite recipe.
  • What kind of icing can I use if decorating my own cake? Edible Photos can be applied to almost any kind of icing such as fondant, royal icing, butter cream or glac icing. We do not recommend anything with a high moisture content such as whipped cream.The icing can be any colour, but dark colours (like chocolate) may make your image appear darker.
  • How long can I keep my Edible Photograph? The icing sheets can remain edible for several months, but we recommend that you use them within two weeks for the picture to remain sharp.

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